Your construction and plumbing engineering project has tight budgetary restrictions and tighter deadlines.

Sometimes deciding which products and systems are best for your project requires too much specialized knowledge and is just too time-consuming. Sometimes none of the products and systems you can find meet your very specific needs.

At T&C Plastics, we've got you covered. We offer a free design consultation where we help you work through your water control, neutralization and wastewater treatment challenges. During this session, we:

  • Identify the best and most cost-effective mix of products and systems for your needs
  • Walk you through all the details – about government code regulations and product turnaround times and specifications – you need to know
  • Begin developing the designs for any custom products and/or systems your project requires

Afterward, you'll receive three free designs for custom products or systems.

When you work with T&C for your wastewater treatment, water control and neutralization project needs, you meet your deadlines, stay within your budget and ensure the highest levels of quality.